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Job: Classroom Aide

Active since 28-11-2017 Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
Location Lehi, Utah Level Entry level / Graduate
Educational level GCSE / A-Level / Highscho... Employment type -
Hours 28 Salary Part-Time $11.25 - $11.75 per h...
Date Posted: 11-25-17
End Date: When Filled

Position is part-time for 169 days for double-session classrooms and 176 days for extended day classrooms. A typical work week for double-session classrooms is Monday – Friday with an expectation of no more than 6 hours a day M-TH and 4 hours on Friday or 28 hours per week. For extended day classrooms, a typical work week is Monday – Friday or 28 hours per week. Some locations with 1 classroom only will have an expectation of no more than 3 hours a day M-Th and 2 hours on Friday or 14 hours per week. For weeks with less than five working days, daily hours only apply.


Assists the teacher to provide instruction, supervision, and provision of appropriate learning activities for all enrolled children at a specified site. Under the direction of the teacher, delivers comprehensive educational services to all Head Start children, including those with Individualized Education Plan’s (IEP), behavioral support or health plans and English language learners, helping them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in a developmentally appropriate manner toward the overall goal of social competence and school readiness, as outlined in the Head Start Performance Standards, the 2007 Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act and Mountainland Head Start, Inc.’s policies and procedures and ensures services support the agency’s school readiness plan.


1. Assists the teacher in planning a curriculum which is relevant to the needs of the children addressing key elements of school readiness, aligning with the revised Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, and Utah state pre-kindergarten guidelines:
 Enhances and promotes the children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development through the implementation of the Head Start Performance Standards related to child development, Creative Curriculum, and other educational materials.
 Ensures that health, nutrition, and safety are properly taught.
 Participates on curriculum extender trips.
 Assist in classroom snack and lunch procedures according to the predetermined class schedule and as needed.
 Adheres to Head Start Performance Standards and developmentally appropriate practices.
2. Under the direction of the teacher, plans and provides learning experiences that advance the intellectual and physical development of children, including improving the readiness of children for school by developing their literacy, phonemic, and print awareness, their understanding and use of language, their understanding and use of increasingly complex
and varied vocabulary, their appreciation of books, their understanding of early math and early science, their problem-solving abilities, and their approaches to learning.
 Eats meals with the children, offering meals family style, where child-size portions are served. Assures that eating times are learning and social experience for the children and that food is never used as a punishment or a reward.
 Provides adequate indoor and outdoor materials, equipment instruction and time for children to use large and small muscles.
 Provides materials, time and instruction to give children opportunities to experience science, dramatic play, art, music, numerical concepts, language and literacy in hands-on, personally relevant ways.
3. Under the direction of the teacher, adjusts curriculum and daily program to meet the needs of individual children including those with IEP’s, behavioral health plans, and English language learners with concerns for their interests, abilities, cultures, special talents and individual style and pace of learning.
 Provides special help and support to individual children as needed or assigned.
 Assists in on-going gathering and entering of documentation for child assessments.
 Individualizes instruction and activities for each child based on the results of the developmental assessment and with direction of the supervisor.
 Monitors development of children through classroom observations and daily interactions, preparing individualized materials, for use by the child.
4. Implements MHS’s guidelines for interacting with children:
 Demonstrates a genuine interest in children and treats each child with respect.
 Enforces limits which the teachers and children have established as behavioral guidelines.
 Uses positive guidance techniques while interacting with children.
5. Understands how teacher-child interactions in the classroom affect student learning and classroom quality.
 Meets with The Child Development Specialist after class observations to review the Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS™) results to obtain feedback relevant to establishing and maintaining an optimal learning environment and high-quality classroom interactions and adjusts interactions if needed.
6. Under the supervision of the teacher, maintains up-to-date, accurate, and confidential records on each child as requested. These records include, but are not limited to the following:
 Long- and short-range goals
 Progress reports
 Goals for Parent Conferences
 Recommendations for future placement
 Testing results
 Activity plans for individualized motor development sessions
7. Helps maintain child-adult ratios in the classroom while teacher and assistant teacher stagger their lunch breaks and make preparations for afternoon class. Supervises lunch of both morning and afternoon classes.
 Directs the children who have been selected as lunch helpers in sanitizing, drying and setting tables. Reminds children of sanitary procedures.
 Assists children in washing hands and/or preparing for lunch, as requested by teacher.
 Sits at table, models, encourages appropriate eating habits and table manners. Models good eating habits by trying some of the food.
 Encourages social interaction between adults and children during meals.
 Reinforces good nutritional habits and discusses color, shapes, and textures of foods.
 Encourages children to try some of the food without forcing.
 Allows children to serve themselves as food is served family style.
 Records meal counts at point of service.
8. After lunch, may assist in the following classroom duties as requested by the teacher:
 Sanitizes tables and cleans chairs.
 Sweeps floors, especially under tables and chairs.
 Assists children with tooth-brushing, modeling brushing of own teeth, as often as possible.
 Helps supervise children in other interest areas of the classroom as directed by the teacher.
9. Assists teachers in encouraging parent participation:
 Assists in welcoming and training parent volunteers in the classroom.
 Promotes positive communication with parents.
 In consultation with the teacher, promotes bi-weekly communication with the parents by providing a written explanation of the progress of children in small groups.
 Participates in Parent-Teacher Conferences, as requested, to assist in formulating an Individual Education Plan for each child receiving motor services.
10. Meets weekly with the teacher to report observations and/or concerns and to coordinate motor development services offered to the children.
11. Demonstrates understanding of child abuse/neglect laws. Reports suspected child abuse to the Family & Community Services Director. Attends child abuse training.
12. Collaborates with other service areas to ensure seamless services to children and families and ensures we are staying true to our mission and vision. Attends and participates in staff and parent training sessions, as directed, i.e. pre-service, orientations, correlation meetings, in-service training meetings and other agency activities as required.
13. Supports the achievement of in-kind goals by actively participating in the solicitation of in-kind services and donations to the Head Start program including, but not limited to, encouraging community members and organizational contacts to volunteer, provide donations of professional services, supplies, and anything else needed to support the Head Start program.
14. Provides general classroom support to meet the needs of the classroom:
 Assists in the cleaning of general areas of the classroom and playground as assigned.
 Provides child care during parent meetings when assigned.
15. Expected to assist the agency in maintaining safe and healthy environments for children and staff by immediately reporting health and safety risks/concerns or potential concerns to a leadership staff member and/or via our internal work order system and follow up with appropriate staff in not addressed in a timely or appropriate manner.
16.Other job-related duties as assigned may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position.


 Must have a High School Diploma or GED.  Must have a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or enrolled in a CDA credential program that will be completed within two (2) years (Mountainland Head Start, Inc. may assist with the cost of obtaining a CDA as long as funds are available); or  An Associate or Baccalaureate degree (in any area) from a recognized institution or be enrolled in a program leading to a degree; or
 An Associate or Baccalaureate degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Elementary Education, Child Development, or other closely related field from a recognized institution is preferred.
 Official or unofficial transcript which shows the award or confer date of the degree must be attached to the employment application.  Must have a valid First Aid and CPR certification
 Must obtain Food Handler Certificate upon hire if not currently certified.
 Experience working with preschool children is preferred.
 Bilingual Spanish-speaking is desirable.


 Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
 Ability to manage multiple tasks and to develop solutions to problems with limited supervision.
 Ability to write and speak the English language in a proficient and professional manner to meet requirements of the job.
 Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, parents, subordinates, community groups, and other related agencies and people.

MOUNTAINLAND HEAD START, INC. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment actions based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, genetic identity, veteran status, or any other classification protected by federal, state or local law.
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