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Job: Teacher Substitute

Active since 22-10-2018 Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
Location Utah County - Various loc... Level Entry level/Graduate
Educational level Bachelor / Graduate Employment type -
Hours 28 Salary Part-Time $16.16 - $17.19/hr (D...
Date Posted: 10/22/18
End Date: When Filled
Status: Part-time (non-benefited)

Position is 178-180 days; a typical work week is Monday – Friday with a minimum expectation of no more than 28 hours per week unless authorized by the Executive Director to meet agency need. Requires use of own vehicle to conduct business. Position is non-benefited due to part-time status of job. For weeks with fewer than five working days, daily hours only apply. Position is a part-year, assignment, August-May.


1. Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from a recognized institution


2. Associate’s degree from a recognized institution in a field related to early childhood education as agreed upon by the agency and coursework equivalent to a major relating to early childhood education (6 classes relating to Early Childhood Education), with one (1) year experience teaching preschool-age children or preschool labwork leading to an ECE degree from a recognized institution.

3. Must have a valid First Aid and CPR certification or be willing to obtain them.

4. Must obtain Food Handler Certificate upon hire if not currently certified.

5. Official or unofficial transcript which shows the award or confer date of the degree must be attached to the employment application.


1. Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from a recognized institution


2. Bachelor’s or advanced degree from a recognized institution in a related field or any field, as agreed upon by the agency and coursework equivalent to a major relating to Early Childhood Education (6 classes relating to ECE).

• Official or unofficial transcript which shows the award or confer date of the degree must be attached to the employment application.

• One-year experience working with preschool children in an Early Childhood Education setting or preschool labwork leading to an ECE degree from a recognized institution.

• Bilingual Spanish-speaking is desirable.

• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

• Ability to manage multiple tasks and to develop solutions to problems with limited supervision

• Must be able to travel to and from home visits (2x/year) in private vehicle; must provide a copy of state-required proof of insurance every six months

• Ability to write and speak the English language in a proficient and professional manner to meet requirements of the job

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, parents, co-workers, community groups, and other related agencies and people. 


1. Primary duty is to teach, tutor, instruct, or lecture in the activity of imparting knowledge of appropriate learning activities to all enrolled children in assigned classroom(s).

2. Plans curriculum and instruction in collaboration with other classroom staff using the Creative Curriculum 5th Edition, input from parents and other resources which align with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, the Utah State Early Childhood Core Standards, and the requirements and expectations of schools, individualizing for children and addressing key elements of school readiness.
• Enhances and promotes the children’s social, emotional, intellectual, and physical
development through use of adopted curricula.
• Adheres to Head Start Performance Standards and Developmentally Appropriate Practices.
• Ensures that health, nutrition, and safety procedures are properly taught and practiced.
• Occasionally plans and oversees appropriate and pre-approved curriculum extension trips for all children.

3. Plans and provides learning experiences that advance the social/emotional, intellectual and physical development and health of children, including improving the readiness of children for school by implementing activities that promote the development of their literacy, phonemic, and print awareness skills, their understanding and use of language, their understanding and use of increasingly complex and varied vocabulary, their appreciation for books, their understanding of early math and early science, their problem-solving abilities, and their approaches to learning.

• Eats meals with the children and other staff, offering meals family style, where child-size portions are served. Assures that eating times are learning and social experiences for the children and that food is never used as a punishment or a reward.
• Provides adequate indoor and outdoor materials, equipment, instruction and time for children to use large and small muscles.
• Provides materials, time and instruction to give children opportunities to engage in activities in all learning domains, including science, dramatic play, art, music, math, language and literacy in hands-on, developmentally appropriate ways.

4. Adjusts curriculum and daily programming to meet the needs of individual children including those with IEPs, behavioral support or health plans, and English language learners, taking into account their interests, abilities, cultures, special talents, and individual style and pace of learning.

• Engages in Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment continually and tracks the children’s ongoing progress through observation, documentation, developmental checklists, assessment data, and parent reports. Finalizes assessments three (3) times a year.
• Uses results of the children's assessments to help individualize instruction.
• Continually updates each child’s developmental progress and shares outcomes with parents at home visits (2x/year) and Parent Teacher Conferences (2x/year) during the school year, as prescribed by the Head Start Performance Standards.
• Collaborates with speech therapists and other professionals visiting the classroom to work with individual children and, with other center staff; ensures they have the space needed to work with children.
• Keeps accurate and up-to-date records on each child.

5. Implements MHS’s guidelines for interacting with children:

• Maintains a positive classroom climate in which they demonstrate a genuine interest in children and treat each child with respect.
• Enforces limits which the teachers and children have established as behavioral guidelines.
• Uses positive guidance techniques while interacting with children.

6. Understands how teacher-child interactions in the classroom affect student learning and classroom quality.

• Meets with The Child Development Specialist after class observations to review the Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (CLASS™) results to obtain feedback relevant to establishing and maintaining an optimal learning environment and high-quality classroom interactions, and adjusts interactions if needed.

7. Encourages parent engagement and participation in the classroom, in the development of studies, class activities, curriculum extender trips, menus, etc.

• Displays daily schedule in order to involve parents and other classroom volunteers.
• Recruits and trains parent volunteers to help in the classroom, maintaining the required ratio of adults to children, and promoting parent volunteerism.
• Promotes communication with parents by providing a monthly newsletter and calendar.
• Maintains a classroom parent information bulletin board.
• Attends monthly parent meetings as needed, acting as a resource to parents.
• Encourages the involvement of the families of the children in the program and supports the development of relationships between children and their families.

8. Provides leadership to all classroom staff, including Assistant Teacher, Classroom Aide, Bus Monitor, if center provides transportation services, substitutes and classroom volunteers.

• Ensures all Head Start policies and procedures are being implemented by the center staff.
• Maintains communication with the administrative office on behalf of classroom staff by checking daily for information, direction or materials and sharing information with staff.
• If on a long-term assignment, keeps an accurate record of the classroom supply budget and monitors all expenditures from that budget. Always makes sure purchases are pre-authorized and allowable.

9. Promptly prepares and/or submits required agency-wide paperwork:

• Prepares daily activity plans and in cooperation with the assistant teacher and classroom aide, completing all required fields.
• Assures daily child and staff attendance and lunch count records are accurate.
• Follows all other CACFP rules and regulations particularly pertaining to point of service meal counts.
• Assures volunteer sheets are properly signed by classroom volunteers and submitted to the Child Development Specialist. Ensures parents log on to Help Counter when volunteering in the classroom.
• Assures all health and nutrition records are submitted as instructed.

10. Demonstrates understanding of the child abuse/neglect laws. Reports suspected child abuse to the Family & Community Services Director. Attends or has attended child abuse training.

11. Conducts required classroom staff meetings dependent on length of assignment.

• Ensures that classroom staff functions as an integral and supportive team and works closely with other service areas to accomplish all tasks.
• Ensures all Head Start Performance Standards and agency policies and procedures are being implemented by the classroom staff.
• Ensures children with special meal plans and medical considerations receive accommodations.
• If center provides transportation, ensures the safe transport of the children and mentors bus monitor to make the bus activities an extension of the classroom.

12. Assures daily classroom and playground janitorial duties are performed in a prompt and efficient manner and that safe environments are maintained indoors and outdoors throughout the day as required the Head Start Performance Standards.

• Reports facility or playground repair or maintenance needs to the Maintenance and Transportation Specialist or on the School Dude system, in a timely manner.

13. Participates in professional development offerings; if they are scheduled on work time.

14. Takes an active role in monthly GAIN meetings and functions as an integral and supportive team member of the center Head Start staff and works closely with Family Advocates to better meet the needs of children and families.

15. Collaborates with other service areas to ensure seamless services to children and families and ensures we are staying true to our mission and vision. Attends and participates in staff and parent training sessions, as directed ( i.e. pre-service, orientations, GAIN meetings, in-service training meetings and other agency activities), as required.

16. Supports the achievement of in-kind funding goals by actively participating in the solicitation of in-kind services and donations to the Head Start program including, but not limited to, tracking parent participation, encouraging community members and organizational contacts to volunteer, provide donations of professional services, supplies, and anything else needed to support the Head Start program.

17. Other job-related duties as assigned may be necessary to carry out the responsibilities of this position.


MOUNTAINLAND HEAD START, INC. is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment actions based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, genetic identity, veteran status, or any other classification protected by federal, state or local law.


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Job category Education / Coaching / Trainers
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